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Recently I have traveled cross county; from California to Virginia and back. My first night “on the road”, I chose to stay at a circa 1937 authentic western hotel. It was just oozing with history. The large lobby was beautifully appointed with all kinds of memorabilia. When I got to my room I was shocked! It was filthy, including chewing gum stuck to the head board of my bed.

The next night I changed tactics, selecting a large national hotel/motel chain; knowing that all the TV and radio advertising I’ve heard would surely guarantee a comfortable, clean room. Again I was wrong. The carpet was soiled, there were “things” left under the bed, and the tub dripped all night.

Each night, from city to city, I tried different motels; I favored the “chains”, still believing that the quality control from the corporation would assure a certain basic standard; not necessarily fancy, but clean. Was I wrong! Of the eighteen days I was traveling and thirteen hotel/motels I stayed at, only one would I ever consider spending a second night.

I have learned that the only assurances we, the traveling public have of getting good quality, clean and fresh accommodations is the personal hands on management of people who care. But how do you know ????????? Talk is cheap.

We are people you can count on. At Sunnyvale Garden Suites Hotel we care. You have my personal guarantee that if your suite is not clean and fresh, and doesn’t have all the features as advertised in good working order, you will not be charged for that night. It’s FREE. I further guarantee that the grounds, recreation areas, and even the parking lot will be clean and litter free. This is my personal guarantee to you, our guests. And, as an added bonus, one more guarantee; you will pay no more money for our suites than any other comparable lodging in 29 Palms, CA.

Come, give us a try. You will be glad you did. And I know, like so many others before you, Sunnyvale Garden Suites Hotel will become your choice for all future trips to TwentyNine Palms.

Tony Naraval

General Manager

What a wonderful hotel!

What a wonderful hotel!

What a wonderful place to stay, a real home away from home. The kitchen allowed me to cook my own food, and the 2 bedroom suite made me feel like I was more in a nice condo then a hotel.

Trip Advisor Guest, Washington DC

It was pleasant and comfortable.

It was pleasant and comfortable.

The owner was very kind to us from the moment we arrived. He was personable and willing to do whatever was needed to make our stay better. The suites were like little houses. Everything was clean and comfortable. If you are in town to see Joshua Tree National Park, it is the perfect location... only a couple minutes drive away. I only wish we could have stayed for more than one night!

Trip Advisor Guest, Delaware

This is the best place to stay in 29 Palms, makes the desert desirable.

This is the best place to stay in 29 Palms, makes the desert desirable.

I loved having a kitchen in the hotel so that we could save money on meals. It was a great place to relax on a budget. The staff is friendly and always available when you need them. It doesn't have a swimming pool, but it does have a hot tub.

Trip Advisor Guest, St. Louis, MO

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